Best Water Tank Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Best Water Tank Cleaning Service in Dhaka
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Clean your water tank properly in order to get pure and germless water

Multiservice. Company provides modern technology for water tank cleaning service. Actually it is the best solution for removing impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss viruses and bacteria from underground and overhead water tank. You can avail this type of services within affordable prices.

We maintain 6 stage process for cleaning water tank.

Stage 1: Clear of surrounding: Deeply clearing the manhole and surroundings which is usually full of dirt, mud and algae.

Stage 2: Dewatering: automatic machine for removing the water from drain and empty the water tank.

Stage 3: Sludge removal: by using special sludge pump to remove dirty water and sludge from tank. And also by scrubbing the water tank, we do manually remove the dirt, fungus and hard strains from the concrete.

Stage 4: High pressure water jet cleaning: In this process, further cleaning walls and ceilings in high pressure jet. The ceiling has a very high concern traction of germs and bacteria due to the availability of oxygen and dampness.

Stage 5: Vacuum clearing: generally use a vacuum cleaner in this stage for making the tank totally free from dirt.

Stage 6: Anti-bacterial spray: one of the most important process, we do clean the ceilings and inside walls by spraying the anti-bacterial solution and it kills 99.09% bacteria and others germs. 

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